PYTHON 5706 2-Way Security and Remote Start System with Responder LC3 SuperCode™ SST Technology

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Featuring One Mile Range with SST, Python's third-generation liquid-crystal display remote control is the slimmest display remote available! Key features include:

  • One Mile Range with SST
  • Priority™ user interface and icon map
  • Priority 5-button user interface
  • Remote can confirm commands with tones, vibration, text and icon display
  • Remote notifies of security intrusions with tones, vibration, text and icon display
  • Powerful lithium-ion rechargeable battery with mini-USB charging
  • Integrated text display
  • Tone, vibe and display notifications and confirmations
  • Active Temp Check – displays internal cabin temp while remote start engaged
  • SilentMode2 – alerts of intrusions without vehicle siren or light activation